Electric Solo Orchestra

In this project I perform solo thanks to

a hi-tech set up created ad hoc for the purpose. I present

a selection of songs well known to audiences

but sadly forgotten by most radio stations that range from

pop, rock, prog, disco and standards to film music. I adopt

an original tecnique to drastically modify the sound of my classical guitar and thanks to personalized arrangements I manage to create the sound of a group totally live and without the use of backing tracks.

For those who have lived in the period in which the best music was made (60s, 70s and 80s) , this will be a unique opportunity to stroll down Memory Lane and for those born later, it will be an exciting reconnaissance flight. The medleys contain songs by...

The Beatles    Pink Floyd

Sting               Elton John

Queen        Chicago

Eagles            Steely Dan

Tears for Fears           Simon & Garfunkel

Emerson Lake & Palmer                  Led Zeppelin

James Taylor                          Boston

Bob Dylan                   Christopher Cross

Burt Bacharach                  Abba

Michael Jackson       Earth Wind & Fire

Cat Stevens        Procal Harem

David Bowie        King Crimson

Genesis       Billy Joel

Chic ........e tanti altri

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