" THE Italian lesson "

Alessandro Volta - Paul Gordon Manners
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Dante Alighieri - Paul Gordon Manners
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Vittoria Colonna - Paul Gordon Manners
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I have lived in Italy for more than 40 years but ever since my schooldays in England, I have always been fascinated by those who through their art, music and science have made that country great.

I believe I show more interest in their history than most Italians as they often take for granted all the beauty they have the fortune to be surrounded by. I find their resignation and indifference to this continuous cultural decline very saddening and so I have written this multimedia opera to try to awaken their sleepy consciousness and to pay tribute to those Italians who have deeply influenced world culture.

I play the part of 22 more or less famous figures, emphasizing the human aspect and not just the importance of their actions. I am more than convinced that getting to know their weaknesses and frustrations can give us the inspiration to do our best in life and to pursue our dreams.

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